Palm Beach Gardens Parent Packs

Welcome to Camp Shalom! For your convenience the camp forms and information has been put here and on the Parent Dashboard on Campsite. Click here for CampSite. In addition to the info and forms placed below we need the Physican and Immunization Forms from your child’s pediatrician. Yeladim forms are due May 10th. Upper Camp forms are due May 22nd.

Please note upper camp group request form is only on the Parent Dashboard. Listed under forms.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact the Camp Office at 561-712-5227.

Yeladim Enrollment Forms – Forms that must be completed for all Yeladim campers (due no later than May 10th)

Yeladim Information Packet – General information about Yeladim

Welcome Letter – This is a letter from Rachel Fox, Camp Director. Please take the time to read this letter.

Circus Camp Letter – This provides information regarding Circus Camp. For those participating in Circus, it’s necessary to read this letter

Camp Shalom Outfitters – If you want to purchase merchandise from the camp store the info can be found here. Orders placed by May 15th will be guaranteed to be in by the time Camp starts.

Camp Lunches – If you want to purchase lunch at camp, info can be found here. Please note all credit cards and check payments must be done through Campsite.

Backpack Basics – Provides the information on what your child will need for camp each day.

Carpool Procedures – Includes procedures for drop off and pick up at camp.

General Information – This provides you with general Camp Shalom information you won’t find anywhere else in this packet

Medication Release – If your camper takes medicine during the camp day this form must be completed. It must be signed by your child’s physician.

Nut Free Zone – Please read this to find out about the Camp Shalom Nut Policy

Kesher/Sports 23 Waivers – Waivers must be completed for certain field trips
h2flo waiver
Rebounderz waiver

Kochavim/Sports 46 Waivers – Waivers must be completed for certain field trips
h2flo waiver
Intensity Parkour waiver
JOC waiver
Ocean Adventures waiver
Off the Wall waiver
Rebounderz waiver
X-Treme Rock waiver

Tikvah Waivers – Waivers must be completed for certain field trips
h2flo waiver
JOC waiver
We Rock The Spectrum waiver



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